PR Tip of the Day: Developing your PR Pitches & Story Ideas

pr tipsDeveloping your PR Pitches & Story Ideas: Once you’re ready to launch your public relations campaign and pitch your story to the media, you need to develop your pitches and story ideas.  Remember what the media is interested in is good stories.  Their job is not to sell your service or product but to tell compelling informative stories.  With that in mind, start off by creating a list of the various topics you can address.  You have a specialty; a topic or area that you’re expert in.  That’s your main area of expertise. But if you move a little right or left of center, chances are you can come up with a much wider list of topics you can discuss.  For example, if you’re a physician, you can discuss your specialty but you can also address the various ways that social media and the internet are changing the practice of medicine.  From your perspective that may not be your primary story, but it does deal with medicine, the culture at large and can help establish you as an expert.  Remember the bigger the media bull’s-eye, the greater your chances of PR success.

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