The Surprising Benefits of PR

I’ve written several articles on how to launch a campaign and why PR should be a major part of your marketing plan, but what about why you should launch a public relations campaign.  What are the main upsides?  There are the obvious benefits that come from launching a successful PR campaign.

For example, via a strong media outreach you can:

  • Reach your target market
  • Gain the validation and legitimacy of being featured in the news
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Land more customers
  • Sell more products
  • Build and establish your brand
  • Enhance your reputation

These are some of the primary benefits that come from launching a media relations campaign, but in the two decades I’ve run a PR agency, I’ve seen some surprising, unexpected benefits come from PR outreaches.  The following is a list of some of the more remarkable opportunities that have come to clients from their PR campaigns:

  • A client who was going to self publish a book received (and accepted) an offer from a major publisher
  • Another writer did self publish his book and then had it picked up by a major publisher
  • A client was able to secure national and international distribution for his product
  • A film producer landed a distribution deal for his film
  • An artist was offered work with a major film company
  • A medical expert was offered his own health show.
  • A client was offered a semi regular spot on a morning TV show
  • A client landed a national commercial.
  • A client was offered a regular role on a reality TV show
  • A singer was offered a record contract
  • An actress was offered a role in a major feature film.

These are just some of the benefits that have come to clients from their PR campaigns.  That’s not to say that every public relations campaign is going to result in similar opportunities, but one of the most exciting aspects of PR is that you never know.  Let’s say a campaign brings you more clients, establishes you in your field and helps build your business, that’s time and money well spent.   But, as the above list illustrates, once you start to establish yourself, your brand your products, your business, your service, your book, your art, your film, or whatever it is your promoting through the media, magic really can happen.

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