PR & Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

2013 GoalsNew Year’s is around the corner, and I encourage all my readers to ask themselves their PR  goals for 2013. What are some positive changes you can make in how you run your business?

Chances are the biggest change you could make when it comes to your marketing outreach, would be to add PR or media relations to your New Year’s media mix.  I’m continually surprised at how many business owners or entrepreneurs tend to not even consider public relations when putting together their new year business plan.  Some assume it’s too expensive, others that it’s not right for their particular type of business and still others shy away because they find the process confusing and intimating.  Bottom line is that a targeted public relations campaign can (and should) be an integral part of any company’s marketing outreach.

So, let’s say you’ve decided that you’re going to launch and implement a new PR campaign strategy in 2013…

PR & Marketing Strategies for the New Year

  1. Work on understanding exactly what PR is and how it can work for you.  I’ve written a number of articles on how public relations works that you can find on my blog.
  2. Figure out if there is some PR outreach you can do on your own or if you need a PR consultant to work with you to launch a campaign.
  3. Review your personal business toolbox.  What unique skills do you have and what can you offer your clients or customers?
  4. Take that one step further, what stories do you have that illustrate how your company or business works and how you help your clients.  These are the stories that can turn into your PR gold.
  5. Start building a backlog of stories that illustrate how you solved a problem, helped a client, met a need.  Your stories are your PR currency.  All PR is effective storytelling.
  6. Next, start drilling down and learning a bit about how the PR world works.  As I mentioned, you don’t need to take this PR journey on your own.  Particularly if you’re new to the world of public relations, you’re going to benefit from working with a consultant who can work with you on your media relations campaign.

By melding a traditional media relations campaign with a targeted social media outreach you can generate incredibly valuable coverage for you and your business, without spending an arm and a leg.   That’s not to say this type of marketing is free.  PR is often referred to as free publicity, which is a misnomer.  Yes it’s true that there are times where the media will contact you directly and do a story, but that’s generally not the case.  And even when that does happen, although it’s great that the media has reached out to you, keep in mind that one article or TV segment does not make for an effective PR campaign.  Whether you’re starting from scratch, or you’ve had some media coverage, it takes time, a plan, contacts, and concentrated outreach to launch an effective media relations campaign.

A good PR consultant can help you decide on target publications, develop the various story angles that will work for you and your campaign,  write an effective press release, develop a strong media list. With some expert guidance and some work on your part, you can develop an effective and successful public relations campaign.  Chances are you’ll find that one of the best New Year’s resolutions you’ve ever made.

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