Why Effective Communication Can Make All the Difference in PR & in Life

Sometimes being the best in your field isn’t enough.  For example, your company might make the best products, or you could be the perfect candidate, or you service might be the best in your field, but if you’re not able to articulate your message and connect with your target audience, you’re in trouble.

Most people think that they don’t really need effective interview skills; as they view it, that’s a skill needed by celebrities or politicians, or sports figures.  It’s not something they need to master.  Wrong.   If you’re launching a public relations or media relations campaign, you definitely need to master this skill.  But regardless of whether you’re launching a PR campaign or not, learning how to effectively communicate with the media, your clients, your prospects and your target audience is an essential skill. It’s an important skill for anyone in business, whether it’s an entrepreneur discussing a new product, a job applicant going on an interview, or an employee hoping to move up the ladder within a company.

This is a skill everyone needs to master, whether you’re launching a new product, discussing your company, your film, you artwork or your expertise, how you present yourself can make all the difference.  The information is important, no doubt about that, but the words you choose, the tone of your voice, your delivery and how you carry yourself will a all play an important part in how your message will be received.  Although an interview on CNN is different than a speech at a business meeting or an interview for a new job, in essence the basics of effective communication remain the same.  So, regardless of whom you’re speaking to, or the message you want to impart, the following are some basic communication tips to keep in mind.    

1)      Don’t decide to simply wing it.  Prepare.  Review two or three most important points that you want to get across.

2)      Never anticipate questions.  Wait until the question is asked and make sure you fully understand it before responding.

3)      Practice your delivery.  Give your presentation to a friend, or record it and listen to it objectively.

4)      Be aware of your body language.  Be aware of your posture.

5)      Relax.

Remember, you are the messenger and your delivery can make or break that interview, sale, presentation, or business opportunity.  Learn how to effectively communicate and you’ll be positioning yourself for success.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2012

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