How The Big Boys Use Social Media

CNN recently ran a piece called The Top 10 Social Media Stars.   Companies can learn from how these business giants utilize their social media campaigns, it is important to keep in mind that companies such as Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks and Disney start with an obvious huge advantage.  One because of their size and the numbers that their traditional PR, marketing, advertising and media relations campaigns drive to their social media sites, there is not really a one to one correlation between how you can utilize your Facebook and Twitter sites and how these companies use theirs.  Still, it’s worth paying attention and taking note of what they’re doing in the major leagues.

For example, Walmart boasts over 15 million fans on Facebook. Not long ago they ran an Easter fill-in-the-blank question inspired over 11,000 comments. It also finds warm and fuzzy ways to peg its promotions such as “National Puppy Day.”

Pepsi offers Pepsi Deals discounts to its 8 million Facebook followers.  It also lets users post photos of Pepsi cans or bottles in unusual or different settings, which allows users to participate.  Starbucks can boast nearly 30 million fans.  They offer deals, community feedback and direct feedback for angry or upset customers.

While the CNN piece focused mainly on Facebook, that’s obviously not the only social media avenue available.  Consistency, interaction and engagement are key.  And, while the companies spotlighted begin with an army of followers, it does help to study their social media approaches.  You never know what you’ll learn.

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Ameen, Yasir. “The Top 10 Social Media Stars.” Photo. The News Tribe. 13 May 2012. 23 May 2012. <>

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