What PR Can Do That The Law Can’t – And Why That Matters To You

Perhaps one of the most striking examples of how public relations, specifically media relations, differs from any other form of marketing is the way it can bring stories that the legal system has hit roadblocks to light.  PR can bring these stories to the public, and through media exposure enact change.  I can think of several cases that were floundering or caught in legal gridlock for one reason or another that were brought to public attention by the media, at which point the legal gears began to turn.  The media sheds light on a story that is shrouded in darkness and that light is often what leads to justice being done.  Those stories are often brought to the attention of the media by PR consultants.  Our company has represented clients locally, nationally and internationally where our focus was on bringing media attention to cases that, for one reason or another, were not being properly addressed through the legal system.  These are situations where PR can effect change when the legal system has hit a roadblock.

Not that your media needs or PR stories are going to be as serious as the one’s I’m referring to here.  But you see the basic point.  It’s the media coverage that gives those stories legitimacy, credibility.  PR brings them out of the shadows into the light of day and to the attention of the public.   In much the same way, media coverage can confer the credibility of being featured in the news to your story, service or product.  You are not presented as an ad or a commercial, but as the news.  That alone separates you from your competition.

Once you have the legitimacy of being featured in the news, you can take your media coverage and by using social media tools magnify and amplify your press coverage.  The combination of traditional media and social media makes for an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Once you start to garner press coverage, you never know who is going to see, hear or read about you and that can result in totally surprising and unanticipated results. Always start a campaign with certain objectives in mind. Know your target market and outline your objectives.  Your gameplan will outline your primary focus.  But because of the powerful nature of the media, you never know what opportunities might arise.  I have witnessed some amazing results that neither I nor my clients envisioned. I have seen companies and careers built in record time, have had clients offered their own radio and TV shows after having been seen on the media. I’ve had clients offered positions in other companies, larger companies have offered buy-outs or mergers, and one client was offered complete financing on a new business venture after appearing on one talk show.

The bottom line is that media relations is an amazingly effective tool; it can effect social change and bring legal issues to light, but it can also brand your product, or company, build your business and substantially grow your customer base.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2012

Faur, Peter. “Upset by the Reputation of PR? Get Over it.” Photo. Peter Faur. 14 Sept 2011. 23 Apr 2012. <http://peterfaur.com/2011/09/14/upset-by-the-reputation-of-pr-get-over-it#axzz1stciOT2O>

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