Outside the Box PR Tips

If you’re pitching the media, make life easier on yourself, pitch the media stories that it wants.  Develop and pitch good, informative, timely entertaining stories.   Editors and producers want to interest as many readers, viewers, or listeners as possible and if you’re willing to work to help them do that, the media can become your greatest ally.  Help them meet their needs and they in turn will help you build your business, sell your products and establish yourself as one of the experts in your field.  But in order to do that you need to think not like a business owner, but like a journalist.  You have to study the various media outlets, review the different formats and study the types of stories they’ve run in the past.

You’re going to succeed by learning how the media thinks, not by assuming you think you know what they want. You have to prepare, do your homework; study the various media outlets. The bottom line is a good story, but it also has to be a story that the media finds of interest.  Don’t assume because you find your particular story fascinating that the media will like it as well.

Your first job is to develop your stories.  That is step number one.  There are no media relations or PR campaigns without good stories.  Once you have those ready to pitch start thinking out of the box.

The following are two out-of-the-box PR tips to consider:

1) Use your website as a way to offer the media story ideas.  Make your site a media destination; a place where editors, producers and writers can find information and story ideas that have to do with your field and expertise.  Do some research and offer facts, tips, and story ideas that the media can use in your media room.  Make it a fun informative, entertaining and educational page.  Offer resources, insider information, tips, advice, and outline the topics and areas that you’re expert in.

2) Conduct an online survey about something in your field and let the media know the results.  The media loves data, that’s why they’re forever quoting information from various polls and surveys.  So offer them your survey.  Give them insider information that they can find no where else.  Then write and distribute a press release publicizing your data and findings.

These are just a couple of outside-the-box tips.  More will follow in upcoming articles.  But, give them a try.  Be creative.  Have fun with this.  Come up with some outside-of-the-box tips of your own and share them with us.

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