Easter Season PR Tips

One of the main things to look for when pitching the media is how and when you can pitch your story to an event, a breaking news story, a season, or a holiday.  For example, around New Years is a perfect time to pitch stories about weight loss, exercise and fitness. That’s the time that people, who have overeaten during the holiday season are making their resolutions to get into shape, lose weight and establish new eating habits.  Not that those resolutions often stick, but if you’re a fitness trainer, or are marketing a weight loss supplement, or have written the latest and greatest diet book, this is a perfect season to launch your media relations campaign.

Likewise, if you run a spa or you’re a florist, or you sell designer chocolate, Valentine’s Day is great time to launch a PR outreach campaign.  Valentine’s Day is also your target day if you’re a relationship expert and have a new book on finding that right someone, or if you run a dating website.

But what about Easter?  What are some campaigns that work best during this season?  There is quite a lot you can do.  The following are some Easter PR tips to keep in mind.  Remember these are basically seasonal, so you can launch them a bit before the actual day, but can also keep working the campaign for a few weeks after Easter has passed.

  1.  Easter is about spring renewal, which means flowers.  If you’re a florist, you’ll want to consider coming up with unique Easter floral arrangements, gifts, displays, etc.  Tie a story into your pitch.  How do the flowers specifically illustrate the season?  What makes these displays Easter specific?
  2.  Easter is also about food.  Pitches that offer unique Easter recipes, dishes, and desserts can work.  Try to give the recipes some history.  Where do they come from?  What makes them special?  How do the tie in to the season?  Build a story around the pitch
  3.  Easter is also about fashion.  If you’re a designer of clothes or accessories create a PR pitch that ties the season into your designs.  Come up with creations that are specific to the season.  Present yourself as an expert, explain what colors and fabrics should be worn and why.

All of the above are secular ways to pitch, but this is also a great time for churches to do a PR campaign.  What could be a better time to reach out to the public.

You get the idea.  Easter signifies a celebration of spring and renewal.  Find a way to tie your product into those concepts.  Be creative.  Have fun with it.  And – Happy Easter

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2012

Aitch, Travis. “Easter Egg Chocolates.” Photo. Info Barrel. 05 Apr. 2012. <http://www.infobarrel.com/The_Origin_of_The_Easter_Bunny_and_Easter_Eggs&gt;

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