3 PR Tips For Landing More Media & More Clients

A few years ago we worked with a client who had landed some media before starting with us.  I asked her if she could bring some of the articles and TV interviews she had been featured in.  As it turned out she didn’t have any.  She had not kept one.  From her perspective, the media coverage was nice, but she didn’t consider what a powerful tool it would be for her down the line.  So in a sense, media-wise, we were starting from scratch.  Which was a shame; we didn’t need to be.   Whether you’ve launched a media campaign in the past, or have been fortunate to have a print article or TV segment come to you, all of your media coverage is a part of your PR and marketing arsenal.

If you use it correctly, media not only begets media, it also enhances all of your other marketing efforts, from social media and online marketing, to traditional advertising to direct marketing.   The following are tips to how to successfully utilize your PR efforts and media coverage

1) Use your TV and radio appearances and magazine and newspaper articles to interest other media. Copy the article, video, or audio tape and send it out when the media requests further information on you. Spotlight your media appearances in your bio or one sheet.

2)  When pitching media, let them know about other segments or articles you’ve been featured in. Be prudent in the media you send.  If a feature story or interview has certain quotes you are unhappy with, you may want to copy only the parts of the interview you want highlighted. If you have a recently taped interview from a particular TV program and are now being considered by their direct competitor, you may want to think twice before sending that particular tape for viewing.

3)  Don’t just use your media to pitch the press.  Use it in all of your marketing and promotional efforts.  Highlight your articles and TV segments on social media; mention your media coverage in your ads, flyers, newsletters and brochures. Create one-sheets of your more impressive articles to pass out to clients or prospects.  Consider hiring a graphic artist to help professionally display your articles and interviews.

These are just some examples of ways to utilize your press. With a little thought and ingenuity, you’ll come up with several more. Make your PR efforts and your media coverage work as hard as you do.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2012

Malloy, John. “2011 important but most underreported stories by media.” Photo. Network News.  29 Nov 2011. 28 Mar 2012. <http://www.networknewsdaily.com/2011/11/29/2011-important-but-most-underreported-stories-by-media/&gt;

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  1. I agree that a lot of companies miss the opportunity to leverage any mass media appearances via social media too. Tweet to your followers that you are about to appear on TV or radio inviting them to watch or listen, then blog or post on Facebook about the experience, or provide links to any articles quoting you online – it all builds your credibility, so long as you aren’t too boastful about your media success!

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